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What is NW

Nordic walking is a form of physical activity, where we also actively use a pair of specially designed Nordic walking poles for normal walking. It is one of the most effective, comprehensive and safe forms of physical activity, feasible throughout the year.  It is natural and suitable for everyone. 

Reasons and effects of Nordic walking:

-  the whole body is involved in the movement - as much as 90% of all muscles

-  strengthens the respiratory and cardiovascular systems

-  significantly reduces or eliminates pain in the neck and shoulders and lower back

-  leads to a more upright posture and corrects the walking pattern

-  increases mobility, especially of the spine

-  compared to normal walking:

  • the heart rate is up to 20 beats / min higher

  • caloric consumption is 20-40% higher

  • oxygen consumption is up to 25% higher

  • improves the endurance strength of the arms and shoulder girdle

  • strengthens the buttocks and leg muscles, as well as the abdominal and back muscles

  • it is no less strenuous in spite of the above

  • there is a 25% less load on the ankle and knee joint, hip and spine

  • reduces fatigue, anger, irritability

  • improves general well-being


Perhaps a few more features of Nordic walking:

  • With the correct technique of using sticks, we enable more intense walking, thus increasing the work of the muscles of the upper part of the body. More than 90% of the muscles are actively working with the correct Nordic walking (NH) technique, thus improving endurance, strength, coordination and mobility of the whole body.  Compared to classic walking, NH uses more energy, improves upper body strength and relieves the spine, hips and leg joints. In the technique of Nordic walking, we focus on: coordination, rhythmic movements of the arms and legs, and relaxation of the neck and shoulders and arms.  Physical training is more comprehensive, and walking is much more effective, safe, faster and  simpler. 

  • The positive health effects of Nordic walking are the same as the list of effects of normal walking, only these effects are more noticeable and inappropriately greater in Nordic walking.


Of course, Nordic walking poles and footwear are important in the equipment, which must be suitable for the activities carried out in nature and in the terrain where the activity is carried out. A good Nordic walking stick has a high center of gravity and cushions vibrations well. The stem of the rod must provide good support and transfer of body weight, so we recommend one-piece - fixed rods of quality brands. Telescopic rods or. folding poles are not suitable for Nordic walking.   The handle on Nordic poles is ergonomically designed and has a special loop that allows us to release the rod after pushing and release the hand. They are made of cork or plastic. The loops are of high quality and ergonomically designed and can be adjusted to the size of the palm. The hand must be placed comfortably in the loop so that the blood circulation in the fingers does not stop. Such a loop allows the rod to be lowered at the end of the thrust, when the rod is held only by the tips of two fingers.   The snowshoes in Nordic walking poles are quite small and have a properly shaped tip on the hut, the purpose of which is the stability of the pole when pierced into the ground. The tip is made of very durable metal.

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